Wall finishes:

Select from wide range of special colors suite your moods/likings either in matt or sheen finish. These paints are of low VOC/odorless to suite your budget and are also easy to maintain.

Special wall finishes :

Walls can be made more eye catching using different special finishes on the wall in various themes/design either in metallic/non-metallic textures, stensils design and host of others with custom made themes also. The children rooms can have Galaxy/Walt Disney or comic book characters like Donald duck, Mickey Mouse etc.

Wood Finishes:

Wood areas like Doors, Window, Wardrobes, Kitchen and TV cabinates etc. can have polished surfaces in normal Melamine and PU finishes in Matt/Glossy to add looks and also as protective coating against termites.

Metal Finishes:

All metal surfaces like saftey Grills, Railing etc. can be painted in enamel paint with Glossy/Matt surfaces.


Wall Finishes:

Exterior finishes of a building is most critical as it gives a first impression of appreciation and hence exterior paint apart from giving aesthetic looks it should also provide protection against a sunlight/water seepage.

Special Wall Finishes:

We offer special wall textures exclusively for exteriors, which not only enhances the looks but also acts as protective coating against cracks and seepage.